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At the initiative of the Franco-Romanian Center for Economic and Cultural Cooperation in Bordeaux, the Diaspora Intervention Corridor in Romania was created - an opportunity for Romanians in the diaspora to connect with the realities in the country. On this corridor, the desire of the diaspora to know more about the country as well as the involvement of the Romanians left at home in this process will be met simultaneously.


Rural cultural heritage

Starting in 2022, the Franco-Romanian Center for Economic and Cultural Cooperation promotes rural cultural heritage in the diaspora, with the help of partners in the country.


Rural education

In the context of the pandemic, many families from the diaspora returned home and that's when I got to know the procedure for integrating/reintegrating children into the education system.

We intervene in rural education to prepare both sides for the child's return to his country.

L'énergie durable

How we invest in Romania

Romania represents a real opportunity for the diaspora business world

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